The Hidden Jewels of Swiss Air

What could be more pleasant than to be in a flight with even just one of the crew who loves his/her job and is highly delighted to serve each and every guests on-board?

That’s what my long haul flight with Swiss Air (IATA code: LX) from Hong Kong to Zurich was like courtesy of a pretty flight attendant, who I’d guess is in her early to mid 50s. Her elegant demeanor was remarkable (think Celine Dion), yet she does this in a down-to-earth way. Her presence seems to exude a positivity thoughout the cabin. Having this as my first flight with Swiss Air left in me a lasting impression. I hope all my flights with Swiss Air are like this.

I wish I can have a way to thank her personally.


Author: Francis

Francis is an aviation fan. He loves to travel for the flying part of it and to plane spot during stops. He likes to express his views about some aviation industry news, from the perspective of a regular traveller. Finally, he writes anything that he thinks can help others make the most out of their flights.

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