Planespotting in Johannesburg, South Africa

O.R. Tambo airport in Johannesburg, South Africa (IATA:JNB) is perhaps the most strategic place to spot the most number of widebodies in the whole African continent.

Here are just a few interesting planes and carriers to see.

Kenya Airways’ Boeing B787-8 from Nairobi
Emirates’ Airbus 1-daily A380 and 3-daily B777-300ER to/from Dubai
Etihad’s Airbus A330-200 to/from Abu Dhabi
Qatar’s Boeing B787-8 and B777-300ER to/from Doha
Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A350-900 to/from Singapore (flies onward to Cape Town)
Lufthansa’s Boeing B747-8 to/from Frankfurt (recently switched from A380)
Swiss Air’s Airbus A340-300 to/Zurich
Air France’s Airbus A380 to Paris-CDG
KLM’s Boeing B777-200ER/B777-300ER to Amsterdam
British Airways Airbus A380 and Boeing B747-400 to/from London-Heathrow
Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing B787-9 to London-Heathrow
Cathay Pacific’s Boeing B777-300ER to/from Hong Kong
Ethiopian Boeing B777-300ER to/from Addis Ababa
Air Mauritius’ Airbus A340-300 to/from Port Louis
El Al’s B767-300 to/from Tel Aviv
Turkish Airline’s Airbus A330-300 to/from Istanbul
Qantas’ Boeing B747-400 to/from Sydney
Delta’s Boeing B777-200LR to Atlanta

In the past, Malaysia Airlines and Thai Airways both operated flights between Jo’burg and Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, respectively.

Best time to spot at O.R. Tambo aiport is from late afternoon to early evening where most of the European carriers depart. This is also around the same time SAA’s Europe, Hong Kong and US-bound (Washington-Dulles via Dakkar) flights leave. Qantas also arrives and departs within that period.

Then from just around lunch time when most Asian carriers depart.

Asian carriers usually arrive early in the morning followed by European carriers. But the Asians (CX, SQ) leave ahead of their Euro friends.

Here are a few interesting photos I snapped while traveling to or transitting in Johannesburg. I hope you enjoy them.


Author: Francis

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