Window Seat: Reasons not to choose it

During my first travels, I’ve always chosen to seat by the window. Over time, I figured it’s not always best to do so.

Here are three situations that make me to not go for a window seat:

1. It’s a long haul flight. Is it the view I’m after? I realized that the view becomes boring over time. Some stages of the flight may happen at night. So really, there’s not much to see from the window apart from the stars and clouds. Also, you will need to stretch out and visit the lavatory often, or just walk down the aisle and meet fellow passengers at the rear portion of the plane. You wouldn’t want to disturb your seatmate everytime you need to do so. When I started choosing an aisle seat for my long haul flights, I felt a sense of freedom. So now, for every flight over 4 hours, I’d usually choose an aisle seat. Less than that, a window seat would be fine.

2. You are claustrophobic. The fear of confined spaces. There’s typically one or two seats from the aisle blocking your access to the aisle. So you feel restrained there by the corner. For most aircraft, a window seat has a much less space between your head and the overhead compartment. Notable exception is the Airbus 380 at the upper cabin where you can have an extra space to your side where you can stuff in your things. Helpful when you are bringing along your laptop and you don’t want to put it in the overhead compartment. The main cabin of the A380 also has near vertical side panel.

3. You’re with a first time traveler. First time travelers would often want to experience the window seat. It would be highly appreciated if you give up your seat for him/her for a memorable travel experience.

Tip: When traveling on Economy and want some solitude, I’d usually choose a seat further back or further forward. But since bulkhead seats are usually taken already, I’d opt for the rear of the cabin. Then you can have a much-needed solitude. Especially coming back from a hectic assignment overseas.

There you have it. Do you have any reason for avoiding the window seat? Please do let me know by leaving a comment below.

Thanks in advance.



Author: Francis

Francis is an aviation fan. He loves to travel for the flying part of it and to plane spot during stops. He likes to express his views about some aviation industry news, from the perspective of a regular traveller. Finally, he writes anything that he thinks can help others make the most out of their flights.

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