Qantas Restores Singapore Stop to London

Qantas (IATA: QF) announced last August the restoration of its Singapore stop to London starting March 2018 dropping the Dubai stop.

The Singapore stop was suspended by Qantas in 2013, when it commenced its London flights via Dubai in partnership with Emirates.

This year, Qantas renewed that partnership with Emirates for five more years (2018-23).

As far as Qantas flights are concerned, these will be the changes that will be implemented in March 2018:

  • Qantas will fly daily nonstop between Sydney and London-Heathrow via Singapore (as flight QF1 and QF2 on the way back) starting March 25, 2018. The flight leaves Sydney in the afternoon and arrives in London just before 7am the following day.
  • Qantas will mount daily direct flight between Melbourne and London via Perth in March 24, 2018 using a Boeing 787-9. At 17 hours and 20 minutes, the nonstop Perth-London flight will become the world’s longest nonstop flight. This routing will replace current Melbourne-Dubai-London flight with an Airbus 380.
  • Note: Qantas website marks above flights as subject to government and regulatory approvals.

  • Qantas will increase its Melbourne – Singapore capacity for flights QF35/QF36 by switching Airbus A330 to the bigger Airbus A380.

  • Qantas Airbus A330 in Sydney-Kingsford Smith Airport

  • As Qantas has rights (5th freedom) between Singapore and the UK as well as between Singapore and Australia, it will be able to pick up passengers in Singapore onward to London, as well as from Singapore to Australia with QF1 and QF2 respectively.
  • What will all these mean for us, travellers?

    Qantas and Emirates Airbus A380s in Dubai

  • If you are in Asia, you can fly to Singapore with Qantas’ partner Jetstar then onward to London with flight QF1. This gives Qantas the advantage of being able to connect us directly to London, which it lost when it gave up its Singapore stopover back in 2013.
  • If you are from London, you can fly with Qantas directly to Sydney via Singapore on an Airbus A380 superjumbo as QF1. You get the same benefit if you fly to Melbourne instead, but you will need to change plane in Singapore, still with an Airbus A380 as QF36
  • With Qantas’ renewed partnership with Emirates, passengers originating from major Australian cities continue to benefit from the top-notch service and young fleet of Emirates. Passengers will also benefit from Emirates’ expansive flight network to Middle East, Europe and even Africa.
  • Emirates will stop flying its A380s from Melbourne and Brisbane to Auckland, New Zealand but will maintain its nonstop Dubai to Auckland and Dubai to Christchurch via Sydney. These changes will give NZ passengers more flight option when flying to Europe, Middle East and Africa.

  • Emirates Airbus A380 arrives in Brisbane from Dubai and will then fly onward to Auckland

    Qantas A380 preparing for its evening flight from HK to Sydney

Emirates likewise will be implementing changes in its Dubai-Australia and Australia-New Zealand flights. This will be covered separately on a future article.

Overall, I think these developments with Qantas and Emirates, will benefit the travelling public, while at the same time benefiting also the two airlines. Flyers will benefit from more flexible and seamless flight options when travelling from Australia or Asia to London or beyond.

We shall see how the market and competition will react to these developments.


Author: Francis

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