The Perks of a Window Seat

Window Seat, Please?

Each traveller has his reasons for choosing the window seat. During our first few travels, we’d usually want to be seated by the window, whenever possible.

Apart from being left unperturbed by fellow passengers, a window seat has the best views during flight as well as during taxiing. Thankfully, most airlines would allow you to preselect your seat for free, even right during booking.

While travelling locally already affords you some nice views of your home country, travelling overseas will expand that experience even further.

So what’s with the window seat clamour?

I have here some of the interesting views you can see only from the much-revered window seat. Maybe these photos will be compelling enough to make you ask…”window seat, please….”

At times, we just don’t feel like being by the window. So you might also be interested with this article:
When to say “NO” to a window seat?


Author: Francis

Francis is an aviation fan. He loves to travel for the flying part of it and to plane spot during stops. He likes to express his views about some aviation industry news, from the perspective of a regular traveller. Finally, he writes anything that he thinks can help others make the most out of their flights.

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