Thai Airways’ Airbus A350 XWB finally makes it to Australia

It’s been a while since Thai Airways planned to operate its new Airbus A350-900XWB to Australia. It received its first A350 from Airbus as early as August 2016. Thai Airways planned to deploy its new mid-size Airbus to Melbourne replacing the older Boeing B777s. However, the plan encountered many headwinds and was moved back several times. At the same time, Thailand is still down at Category 2 by the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). Finally, on October 5, the very first Thai A350XWB was finally able to fly to Melbourne, 5 months delayed. Now it flies daily between Bangkok and Melbourne. Like what they say, better to be late than never.

Thai Airways flies the new Airbus A350-900XWB to Melbourne on the following schedules:
TG465 Bangkok to Melbourne 0005 – 1305
TG466 Melbourne to Bangkok 1525 – 2035
(Times are local)

Thai Airways Airbus 330 (not an Airbus A350)


From Thai Airways website, it also flies the A350 to Rome, Brussels, Frankfurt, Milan-Malpensa and London-Heathrow.

As of writing, Thai has 7 A350s in its fleet and 5 more to be delivered according to Airbus’ order and delivery list.

Apart from the A350, Thai Airways also operates 6 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners.

In the meantime, Thailand’s aviation sees a positive chance to be removed from the FAA Category 2 status after ICAO removed Thailand from the “red” status, as reported by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand. Once back to Category 1, Thai carriers, most notably Thai Airways will be able to resume its US flights using its new Airbus A350 and Dreamliners. At the moment, Thai Airways does not fly to the US.


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