These photos will make you want to fly with Singapore Airlines Airbus A380

Singapore Airlines Suite

From an earlier article, I’ve expressed my take on the new cabin of Singapore Airlines’ upcoming A380. Here are some facts we know so far:

  • Singapore Airlines (SIA) will have 5 new Airbus A380s to be delivered starting this December
  • The first of the 5 A380s is set to fly to Sydney as SQ 221 on December 18 and back to Singapore the following day as SQ 232
  • Each SQ A380 will sport the newly launched products across 4 cabins – suites, business class, Premium Economy and Economy class
  • The entire SQ’s A380 fleet will then be fitted with the new cabin offerings, old and new alike

Singapore Airlines is known to be taking such product offerings seriously, employing the best suppliers in the industry. This one is no different. For now, I will hold my judgment until I have seen the real things.

Eventually, all of Singapore Airlines’ A380 destinations will benefit from these changes. SIA did not disclose yet what routes will get the roll-out after Sydney.

The following cities are in SQ’s A380 network:
Sydney|Melbourne|Auckland|Beijing|Shanghai|Hong Kong|Paris|London|Frankfurt|New York|Zurich|Mumbai|New Delhi

Here is a sneak peek of what the cabins will look like. All photos courtesy of Singapore Airlines’ PR/Public Affairs Department. (Click each photo to enlarge)


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