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These photos will make you want to fly with Singapore Airlines Airbus A380

From an earlier article, I’ve expressed my take on the new cabin of Singapore Airlines’ upcoming A380. Here are some facts we know so far: Singapore Airlines (SIA) will have 5 new Airbus A380s to be delivered starting this December The first of the 5 A380s is set to fly to Sydney as SQ 221 on December 18 and back to Singapore the following day as SQ 232 Each SQ A380 will sport the newly …

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Lost your baggage? What should you do?

Have you experienced flying to India from the US, only to find your luggage went to Europe? Well, that’s a bit exaggerated. But that’s not impossible. It happens to connecting flights and it is sure to ruin an otherwise pleasurable flight. You’ve connected seamlessly. You’ve arrived at your destination. You feel relieved to have arrived in one piece. Unfortunately, you should have arrived with another piece – your luggage! Whatever happened to “passenger should fly …

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Singapore Airlines unveils its new Airbus A380 cabin

SINGAPORE AIRLINES (SQ), last November 2, has unveiled its new cabin product for its Airbus 380. This will be introduced when it receives the first of five new Airbus A380 starting next month. The new A380 will be deployed to Sydney on December 18, as SQ flight 221 and return the following day as SQ flight 232. (Source) Currently, Sydney, along with cities served by the A380s, are still in the current configurations. Eventually, all …

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The Perks of a Window Seat

Window Seat, Please? Each traveller has his reasons for choosing the window seat. During our first few travels, we’d usually want to be seated by the window, whenever possible. Apart from being left unperturbed by fellow passengers, a window seat has the best views during flight as well as during taxiing. Thankfully, most airlines would allow you to preselect your seat for free, even right during booking. While travelling locally already affords you some nice …

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Singapore Changi Airport

10 Benefits of Online/Web Check-In

Most of us, passengers, have been using the web check-in facility whenever possible. The good news is, many airlines are now providing this feature into their flights. Although checking in online takes only few minutes of our time, many still do not use such feature, and many of us who are already doing it may not see a compelling benefit of doing so. So here I’ve listed down a few benefits that will make us …

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