Singapore Changi Airport

10 Benefits of Online/Web Check-In

Most of us, passengers, have been using the web check-in facility whenever possible. The good news is, many airlines are now providing this feature into their flights. Although checking in online takes only few minutes of our time, many still do not use such feature, and many of us who are already doing it may not see a compelling benefit of doing so. So here I’ve listed down a few benefits that will make us …

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The Hidden Jewels of Swiss Air

What could be more pleasant than to be in a flight with even just one of the crew who loves his/her job and is highly delighted to serve each and every guests on-board? That’s what my long haul flight with Swiss Air (IATA code: LX) from Hong Kong to Zurich was like courtesy of a pretty flight attendant, who I’d guess is in her early to mid 50s. Her elegant demeanor was remarkable (think Celine …

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Dealing with a Screaming BABY on-board

A crying (and screaming) baby on-board will without fail wake up the whole cabin. Thankfully, it usually happens during take off or initial approach… If you are a flying dad, or a flying mom, you are commendable to have endured this distressful experience during your flight with your beloved infant. The noise of a perturbed baby can become so annoying for some. So much so that some airlines, despite backslash from the scrutinizing public, had …

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